BalClor BWMS

BalClor™ BWMS is a ballast water treatment system composing of the following main functional components:

1. self-cleaning filter with 50 μm screen to remove large plankton and solid particles;

2. electrolytic unit (including electrolytic cells and accessory dosing and degassing units) to produce sodium hypochlorite solution which is injected back into the main ballast pipe to the ballast tanks to kill the 继续阅读“BalClor BWMS”

OceanGuard BWMS

OceanGuard™ BWMS ballast water treatment system adopts electrocatalysis enhanced by Ultrasonic Technology (EUT) to achieve the ballast water treatment. This method kill the organisms in ballast water by an oxidation process that uses electrocatalysis and ultrasonic technology. OceanGuard™ BWMS mainly consists of filter, EUT unit, control unit and sensors, and the rated flow capacity of the minimum unit is 300 m3/h. 继续阅读“OceanGuard BWMS”

Turbocharger Maintenance

Turbocharger is an integral part of the ship’s marine engine as it reuses the exhaust gases in order to increase the overall efficiency of the engine. It consists of two parts – blower and turbine sides, which need equal attention while carrying out routine maintenance procedures.

Mentioned below are ten points that must be considered while handling turbochargers in ship’s engine room. 继续阅读“Turbocharger Maintenance”

How to change generator exhaust valve seat ring

Generator inlet and exhuast valve &seat ring  repalcement need proceed properly with manual procedure which often be ignored by engineers, Here follow is one case we workshop ever done for WARTSILA Generator  for engineer reference.

1 Removal of the old ring

The exhaust seat ring can most conveniently be removed hydraulically

valve can be used.

1 Fit a scrapped valve to the seat and weld it to the seat by means of electric beam welding. Preferably the valve disc

should be machined to proper size to get a better welding. 继续阅读“How to change generator exhaust valve seat ring”

Main Engine Regular Overhauling Procedure

Marine Engine Repair is one of the most important tasks carried on board a ship. It involves repairing and carrying out of routine maintenance tasks on the marine engine of the ship. The repairs are generally carried out by marine engine mechanics, famously known as marine engineers.

Need of Marine Engine Repair 继续阅读“Main Engine Regular Overhauling Procedure”

How to repair Nakakita temp controller

Nakakita Temp controller repair/service

1: Nakakita Temper controller features

Nakakita Temper controller is designed by Japanese  Nakakita Seisakusho Company based pneumatic .this simple but reliable and easy-operated instrument was used on most of vessels for M/E jacking high-temp cooling water,l.O temper as even as purifiers heater temp control.

继续阅读“How to repair Nakakita temp controller”