BalClor BWMS

BalClor™ BWMS is a ballast water treatment system composing of the following main functional components:

1. self-cleaning filter with 50 μm screen to remove large plankton and solid particles;

2. electrolytic unit (including electrolytic cells and accessory dosing and degassing units) to produce sodium hypochlorite solution which is injected back into the main ballast pipe to the ballast tanks to kill the residual planktons, pathogens, larva or spores;

3. neutralizing unit to add sodium thiosulfate solution into the treated ballast water at de-ballasting to neutralize the residual TRO; and

4. control and auxiliary equipment.

The flow chart of BalClor™ BWMS ballast water treatment is shown in the attached diagrams.

Diagram-(a) Ballasting Condition

When ballasting, seawater is filtrated by self-cleaning filter with precision of 50 μm, then a side stream of seawater is pumped into an electrolytic unit to generate sodium hypochlorite solution, which is injected back into the main ballast stream after degas, making a complete mixture with the main stream. The TRO level is measured by a TRO analyser (TRO analyser 1) and controlled at a pre-set concentration value (ranging from 7.5 mg/L to 9.5 mg/L).

Diagram-(b) De-ballasting Condition

On discharge of the treated ballast water, the BalClor™ BWMS ballast water treatment system monitors the levels of TRO in ballast water. Discharge does not start until the sensors are operational and the neutralizer feed system is in operation. The neutralization system is activated with the neutralizer dose, which is calculated based on the concentration of TRO measured at the location just in front of the neutralizer injection point, to offset all TRO residuals. The sodium thiosulfate solution is injected into the suction of the ballast pump by a metering pump. Another TRO sensor is installed after the neutralizer injection point to monitor the TRO level to ensure that during discharge TRO concentration does not exceed 0.1 mg/L at any time.

Treatment Technologies: Filtration + Electro-Chlorination/Electrolysis

Manufacturer: SunRui Marine Environment Engineering Company

Active Substance: Used

Substance Approved: Final

Type Approved: Yes

Add:    Qingdao,  China