Our Service: Ship Repair

We can help when your ship docking in China.

We help to set your superintendent  free from hard drydock jobs

We help to guarantee  Chief  Engineer a safety, reliable control room.

We offer follow service:

Automation Service:

*Nabco, Nor-Control Electric Governor&Telegraph System

*M/E Pneumatic &Bridge  Control System

*M/E Console Monitoring system

*M/E Safety Control system

*MSB&Generator control system

*Boiler automatic control system

*Water ingress alarm system&dewatering system

*Iopp&Oil discharge Monitor

*ICCP& Anti-fouling

*Nakakita Temp control system

*Hydraulic -electric Crane

*Oil Mist Detect System

Mechatronic  Service:

*Electric Motor Rewinding

*Electric-Hydro Crane

*Refrigerant & A/C  System

Engine Works:

*M/E  Cylinder Head regulator overhauling

*M/E Main bearing,cross-head bearing, crankpin bearing overhauling.

*Engine Parts reconditioning

*Governor overhauling


*Hatch cover /crane hydraulic sys repair

*Ballast/Bilge  Hydraulic control system

*Hydraulic Motor overhauling

Voyage repair


*Drydock  Store supply

*Electrical&Automatic Spare parts